There’s an artist hidden in all of us, and nothing makes it more evident then the home remodeling projects that we undertake. When it comes to remodeling, we always tend to be creative with a tinge of inspiration from our favorite magazines and television shows.

By asserting our own thoughts onto it, we can create designs that look all new and suits our style. It all sounds so good right? Our home being remodeled into our dream homes. But none of it is as easy as it sounds. Home improvement and décor could prove to be one of the biggest challenge that we take up in your life. So, suggestions and tips are always sought while remodeling our homes. Brainstorming for unique ideas can be very challenging, but thankfully home remodeling TV shows come to our rescue. Home remodeling TV shows not only market ideas but also provides realistic application of these ideas for home design and renovations.

There are many benefits of binge watching home remodeling TV shows. They provide affordable and practical ideas of redecorating while mix-matching them with numerous ideas to battle the challenges of home remodeling.

Here’s a list of a few best home remodeling TV shows that might help you with your designs:

#1. Fixer Upper

This American television series airs on HGTV and is all about flipping houses. Starring Chip and Joanna Gaines, it’s based in Waco, Texas. The first season of this highly successful reality television series premiered in May 2013 and continued till it’s 5th and final season which ended on April 3, 2018. This popular home improvement show had the Gaines working with clients on buying and remodeling homes. Having worked over 100 homes, the show has ample ideas on home purchasing, designing and remodeling. With varying degree of renovations required in each home, you can look for ideas that fit your needs the best.

#2. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition:

The next name in our list of best home remodeling TV shows is Extreme Makeover: Home Edition starring Ty Pennington. It aired for nine seasons in which it provided home improvements for the less fortunate and community schools.

As each episode dealt with families facing some of hardship, this home remodel TV show is for the ones looking for budget remodeling of their homes. The show dealt with makeovers of the family’s home, which included the exterior, interior and landscaping. Complete remodeling was performed in a weeks’ time while the family enjoyed a vacation paid for by the show. While your home remodeling is unlikely to be paid for, you can still grab some remodeling ideas for your home.

#3. Hidden Potential:

Hidden Potential is another home remodeling reality TV series that aired for nine seasons. Being one of the older shows, it presented homebuyers with three homes to choose from. The homes came with renovation designs offered by designers.

In today’s technological world, this was one of the first home remodel TV shows to make the use of computer design technology to come up with home designs to suit peoples’ needs. It came with changes that could be made to the house and the estimate that goes for it. As the designers walks the buyers through the cost, location, and style of the houses, you can steal an idea or so to use on your home renovation plans.

#4. Property Brothers:

This Canadian reality TV series features identical twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott. Into it’s 7th season now, the real estate expert and licensed contractor duo of the Scott’s scouts abandoned houses and negotiates their purchases. From there they go on to renovate these houses and help families buy and transform them into dream homes built on strict budgets. The show would feature families and individuals and work on a deadline.

A show that talks about the advantages of buying an old home, there’s a whole lot of tips for you to pick up and implement on your own home remodeling project.

#5. This Old House:

This Old House is an American home improvement TV show that dates to 1979. As old as its name itself, there are a magazine and website of the same name. It airs on PBS and follows home remodeling projects across the country. Most definitely the father of all home remodel TV shows in USA, this is the go-to program for people planning to remodel their home.The series focuses on renovating old houses, including those of modest value and size. The owners participate in some of the work too. Unless you are lucky enough to feature your home renovation in the show itself, you can always learn from the episodes.

There are a whole lot of other popular home remodeling TV shows available. Those combined with these five can help you remodel your home too. So, irrespective of budget and size watch these home remodel TV shows to accommodate the best features in your home.

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