A well-designed kitchen can be the key towards making cooking a fun activity. A well-organized kitchen saves you the troubles of rummaging across to find every cooking essential. Even a modular kitchen might fail you sometime, but an ergonomic kitchen never fails you. An ergonomic kitchen can totally transform cooking into a stress-free exercise after a hard day’s work. In case you are not aware of the benefits of an ergonomic kitchen, here are a few tips that can transform your regular kitchen into an ergonomic one.

How To Setup An Ergonomic Kitchen For Your Home (1)

Counter heights: The most important thing to consider while remodeling your kitchen is to make sure that the counter height is neither too high, nor too low. Decide on the counter height according to your height, while also keeping in mind the average height of your family members.

Yes to drawers, No to doors: Having a door has its share of drawbacks as you must basically crawl inside to fetch the required item. Having different sized drawers’ eases things and you can place things inside according to the drawer sizes.

Have enough light: It goes without saying that having enough sunlight is a must while designing your kitchen. A well-lit kitchen keeps your spirits high and helps you to keep going.

More counter space near the stove: Having a limited space near the stove might crank things up. You will face difficulty while placing vessels and end up hurrying across your dining hall and kitchen to place things once they are fully cooked.

Store less used items on overhead cupboards: Make sure to include overhead cupboards in your kitchen to store items that are hardly used. This saves storage in the drawers.

Store utensils on both sides of the sink: Placing utensils on both sides of the sink makes it easier for you to wash and rinse those utensils.

Wooden or rubber flooring: While designing your kitchen, make sure that you opt for a wooden or rubber flooring. Such floorings are easy on your legs, and you can use mats and rugs across different locations such as the sink, counter or store.

Multi-layered storage: Storing all your items in one drawer is an impossible task, and even if you are successful in doing so, fetching things from one storage unit will cost you a whole lot of time. To avoid such circumstances, go for multi-layered storage facilities, and store things accordingly.

Install electric appliances at strategic places: Electronics are a must in the modern kitchen. So, make sure to have enough space to install electric appliances accordingly.

So, there you have it. Make the most of these tips to design your next ergonomic kitchen. While these are important factors to weigh in, don’t put off your own ideas as it is going to be your kitchen, and a personal touch can do wonders in making it more comfortable.