It is aesthetically pleasing to have a house adorned with beautiful blooming flowers or fully-grown vegetables ripe enough to be picked up and enjoyed in a scrumptious meal. It is more satisfying when you know that the reason behind that scrumptious meal or your house looking so appealing is you and your gardening skills. Gardening is a rewarding hobby, it takes up a lot of effort, but the result of it can be very endearing.

While gardening is fun, it is also challenging as the requirement of each plant varies and one needs to provide careful attention to each plant in order for them to thrive. Here are a few gardening tips that will help you get the best results this year.

Eggshells: Eggs are a basic item in everybody’s breakfast, it is basically consumed every day. While making eggs we often toss away the shell, unaware of the benefits that our plants can reap from it. Eggshells contain calcium which helps in the growth of plants. Next time you make eggs, rather than tossing away the shell into the bin, just drop them around the base of your home-grown plants and watch their rapid growth. Eggshells also repel certain pests from attacking the plant.

Tablets and antibiotics: Expired and unnecessary tablets and antibiotics can be a regular source of nourishment for gardening. Instead of chugging them into the trash can, they can be used for nourishing the plant by providing it with required nutrients. Add it to the soil around the plant after peeling off the plastic wrapper and let it do its work. Like human being’s, plants too need vitamins, the only difference is that expired tablets work on them without causing any harm.

Plant markers: Mark the locations of your plants, put a name label on every plant, it will give your garden a more refined look. This can be done with a plain paper by sticking it to a stem or you can make use of the broken pots, just take out a small piece of the broken pot and mark the name of the plant in an artistic way to make it look attractive.

Grow sweeter tomatoes: The tomatoes brought from the market are not as juicy and sweet as the ones grown at home, therefore people prefer homegrown tomatoes to ones sold commercially. To get sweeter and juicier tomatoes, just sprinkle some baking soda on the soil around the plant. The baking soda will counteract the acidity in the tomatoes and will give you delicious sweet tomatoes.

Mosquito repellant herbs: It is almost impossible to work on your beautiful garden during the summer due to the swarm of mosquitoes invading your garden. Spraying mosquito repellants is harmful to our health as well as the plants; hence mosquito repellant herbs are a better alternative. Plant some catnip, lemongrass, marigold, ageratum etc. in one single large pot and you will be safeguarded from the savage attack of the mosquitoes. You will be able to enjoy gardening without any qualms in your mind.

Set up rain barrels: Save some money, reduce your water bill to a significant amount. Water your plants using natural water from rain by setting up a rain barrel to collect rainwater. It is an easy system to set up and preserve water at the same time.