Home Security System

A right home security system is essential to avoid burglaries. In the United states, a burglary occurs every 15 seconds. So, when you buy a new home, ensure its complete security.

In this new age of digital technology, there are many ways to choose a good security system. To avoid confusion while purchasing a security system you need to consider so many things.

The advantages of installing a home security system are umpteen and by choosing the right device, you can avoid unnecessary burglaries at home. These minor changes to your home can help you protect it. Here are some of best tips you can try to ensure proper security.

#1. Secure Your Doors

The door is the first place you should secure because more than 30% of burglaries happen through the front door. Make the door stronger with a good locking system and install a peephole or deadbolt. The front door should be placed in a good view. If it’s old you can change to a new door with a stronger material so that nobody can get into your home by breaking it.

#2. Lock Windows

Windows should be secured because burglars use it as one of the ways to enter your house. They initially check if any of the windows are open and use it as an entry point. Make sure to lock them properly and install strong locks. If they are old, you can consider replacing them. Lock basement and second-story windows well as well.

#3. Install Sensors

There are sensors that can help you inform when someone opens your door or window. This sensor connects with an alarm and you can hear the alarm ringing when someone tries to open the door or a window. The installation is very simple, and you can even connect it with your device. You can keep an eye on your home even if you are away.

#4. Choose Proper Security Cameras

You can install security cameras to monitor your home surroundings. This can help you capture everything that is going on around your house. These can also help the police in any investigations. Cameras should be there in the entryway, driveway, backdoors etc. These are some important points that need to be covered. Also, install one in your hallway.

#5. Motion Detectors

This detects any invading action and as a result alarm rings. Many people use this because it is not that expensive. One problem with motion detectors according to many users is that it cannot identify the difference between any wandering pet, a hot radiator or an invading man. So as a result, there will be a lot of false alarms which is very irritating.

#6. Flood, Smoke and CO Detectors

You can also install flood, smoke or CO detectors in your home to prevent dangers that can happen any time. They are connected to alarms and these alarms ring if the device detects any smoke inside your home.

In addition to the alarm, it will directly inform to fire department about the incident. Some systems like ADT pulse can help you to shut the air off remotely. Environmental detectors are there to identify floods, humidity level or CO etc.

#7. Light the Whole Home Surroundings

You can light the home surroundings to thwart any break-ins. There are lights with motion sensors for added protection. When somebody tries to invade into your house, if they see spotlight they may not enter. You can install spotlights in the front and backyard to give extra protection.

#8. Remove Hiding Places

If there’s any place in your home surrounding to hide remove it. There may be bushes or trees where burglars can hide. You can remove them and keep your home surrounding safe.

#9. Double Check Security

You can check whether everything works by conducting a trial. This can help you to make sure that there is no fault in the installed security system and your home is extremely safe with the right security system installed. Connect them with your mobile device that can help you keep track of your home, even when you are away.

#10. Additional Installation to Avoid Power Outages

You need to prepare for power outages by installing inverters. Power outages can happen any time and that is the most suitable time for somebody to get into your house. Avoid this by installing inverters that can help you keep the whole house lit up even at the time of power outage. Most burglaries occur during the day according to police. But you need to be extra careful even at night.